Monday, June 15, 2009

Author Spotlight: Don't Miss Your Life by Charlene Ann Baumbich

I've trimmed down my monthly feature from a full month to a week's worth of events! Too much of a good thing is...well..too much of a good thing! At least, that's what some of your feedback told me.

So now I'm featuring a week long event with one of my favorite authors and dearest author friends, Charlene Ann Baumbich! I fell in love with her fictional series, "Dearest Dorothy", and was so sad to see it end.

But I was delighted to discover God had opened a door for a non-fiction book, just released, titled "Don't Miss Your Life"!

Filled with hilarious and transparent anecdotes from Charlene's life journey, "Don't Miss Your Life" lives up to its subtitle: an UNCOMMON guide to living with freedom, laughter and grace.

That's exactly how Charlene lives out her life, and she shares some keys to living your life to the fullest possible. Chapters include "Remember When", encouraging a trip down memory lane and investigating our own Memory Portfolio.

Next she encourages us to "Wake Up!" and be attentive to life and it's richness and fullness. Later on she reveals some "Humor Hogties", things that can keep us from laughing with others and at our own foibles.

This book had me in stiches...I do NOT recommend reading it while someone is trying to sleep...your snickers, chuckles and guffaws may keep them up (just ask my husband!). But I do highly recommend that you read it.

Life is full of seriousness to the point of sucking the life right out of us. I've been told by many in my family that my laughter brightens their days and my smile lifts their hearts. That tells me the enemy would love nothing more that to steal both from me.

Charlene's book is good ammo against the enemy. Jesus said He came so we would live life to the full. I think He's using Charlene to remind me just how full FULL is! So, I'm pleased to share her with you for the week (you'll have to give her back or George will miss her!).

In the meantime, I'm giving "Don't Miss Your Life" five out of five bookmarks, with some muscle cream as a charm...just in case your smile muscles are out of practice...don't want you to strain them! (That's a joke...can't use muscle cream on your cheek muscles...or can you? I'll have to Google that one!)

Don't miss your life...or Charlene's book! Be watching for a chance to win a copy later this week...along with MORE from Charlene!

Happy Reading!


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Rel said...

Good on you, Deena - glad to see your author spotlights back in action :)


Charlene Ann Baumbich said...

Thank you, Deena. "Good ammo against the enemy." What a blessing to hear! YAY!