Saturday, May 9, 2009

What To Do On The Worst Day Of Your Life by Brian Zahnd

I've had some pretty dark days lately. Even amidst the joy of our first grandchild being born, we've had conflict and trauma that I honestly thought would finally break me.

Which frightened me, because I'm a strong woman and my faith is sound. Just shows you how dark life can get, huh?

Reading Brian Zahnd's book feels like a love letter to me from God. Just learning how this book came into being demonstrated God's great love for His children. The publication of "What To Do on the Worst Day of Your Life" is truly a God thing.

Retelling the story of King David's monumental loss and defeat at Ziklag, Brian takes the Scripture apart and leads us on a path of ultimate healing and hope. Truly, nothing in David's life compared to that dark, defeated day.

He had lost it all, and so had his men. As a result, he stood alone, his mighty men turning on him at that point. Ever stood alone? You're in good company.

Brian encourages us, through Scripture, to do many things and to guard against bitterness, get a vision check-up, and let God do His work in our lives, even through the darkest of times.

This is a book filled with realistic hope, and one that is so needed in the world today. I cannot even watch the news without feeling my hope seep out of my soul. Every time I turn around another family is in crisis.

Just recently I learned that a young man I knew in junior high and high school has suffered an unspeakable tragedy in his family. I haven't spoken to him in years, and yet my heart shattered for him and for his family.

We need this message. We need to remember that we are victorious through Jesus Christ our Lord and King. And we need to know that dark times will come, but they make the dawn so much sweeter if we cling to God.

I'm giving Brian's book five out of five bookmarks, with a ray of sunshine as a charm. Buy multiple copies and have them for those who are in the darkest of nights in their lives. Read it with them. Pray it over them.

Don't let anyone walk alone. We are in our home stretch. Let's not lose it now.

Happy Reading!


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Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

This one was fabulous. I loved his message. I agree with you, we should give everyone we know a copy of this book!