Thursday, May 14, 2009

On Tour with "Making Work @ Home Work" by Mary Byers!

As a blogger, I do all of my work from home. Or, at least I TRY to. But making time for work amidst the mothering and wife-ing I do can make me crazy. That's why I was so excited about Mary's book!

"Making Work at Home Work" sounds like a no brainer...until you've tried to do it. My husband recently retired from his government job to pastor full-time, and he's found it to be a struggle as well.

Mary gives sound and wise counsel in her book that is easy to follow. Part One discusses how to save your sanity, with chapters on being honest with yourself and a lot of self-examination. I found this especially helpful as I tend to allow my family life to blur with my working life...

...because I don't set boundaries and I don't treat my work as work...

Part Two is filled with wisdom on Preserving Your Profit. If you're running your own business or offering a service from your home, this section is a MUST READ. Mary has truly done her homework, and she graciously shares her insight and counsel in easy to understand and read chapters.

I also loved the work-at-home mom profiles, especially Amy Peterson's---and NOT because we share the last name! By adding real life examples, Mary just gives her book more credibility. Not that she needs more with me!

"Making Work at Home Work" isn't just informative, it's enjoyable reading. That makes it worth a five out of five bookmark rating from me, with a tiny filing cabinet as a charm. Don't file this book it!

For more information on Mary and her book, click here.

Happy Reading!


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