Friday, May 22, 2009

On Tour With Hero by Fred Stoeker and Jasen Stoeker (with Mike Young)

I didn't know this, but "Hero" ends a trilogy of books written by Fred Stoeker in the "Every Man" series. These books are more than instruction in Godly living: Fred truly bares his life for examination and example in a way that not only demonstrates integrity and a desire to reach young men early in their lives, but that makes him one of my heroes.

"Hero" examines the life of a young man who totally surrenders his life and his purity to God early in his life and how he succeeds, despite the odds of failure presented to him on every side.

The young man is Jasen Stoeker--and his father couldn't be more proud of him. In spite of a family curse that involved sexual issues and pornography, Jasen took his father's early teaching of 'fleeing youthful lusts' to heart and patterned his life after some beloved Bible heroes.

Fred makes the excellent case for American society's demise into the lust-filled environment we live in today, tracing it from the creation of Hugh Hefner's multi-billion dollar magazine to the vast array of internet pornography available at the click of the keyboard.

But he doesn't let us off the hook...WE are responsible for how we respond, and as Jasen has demonstrated, a life properly aligned with Christ early on can make all the difference in the world.

Drawing Old Testament parallels, this book is an eye-opening reading experience for this sheltered Christian mother! I know these things are out there, but never really focused on how they could affect MY SON even while he lives under my roof.

Shame on me for taking such a critical topic so lightly, and I'm going to get him to read this book with his father. I want my son to be a hero to his future wife, and to his female friends right now.

It's never too late! Get a copy of "Hero" and read it for yourself, educate your family, and use it in the men's studies at your churches and small groups. I'm giving "Hero" five out of five bookmarks, with an iron stake to drive into the ground, claiming back our youth for Christ.

Happy Reading!


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