Saturday, April 18, 2009

SRT #5: Enduring Justice by Amy Wallace

Amy Wallace is my new Dee Henderson! Her characters are rich and detailed in development, and have unique personalities that sparkle and shine. Her third installment in the 'Defenders of Hope' series really go deep into the darker side of humanity.

"Enduring Justice" traces a white supremacist group with a leader that is out to prove himself. Can Michael Parker, the detective on the case, find him--and hold him with charges that will stick?

Or will the case keep falling apart, allowing innocent people to be killed in the name of prejudice and hate?

Hanna wants to love Michael. She really does. But she has a secret that is eating her alive, and it desperately needs to come out. What will it take for her to unbury her past and to cause the guily to finally pay?

This book is by far the most difficult to read in terms of subject matter, but it is high quality writing. The story grips you from page one until the end, never releasing you from the tension of bringing the guilty to justice and defending hope.

I'm giving Amy's book five out of five bookmarks, and adding a police badge as a charm. Always remember to pray for those who work to defend our freedoms, our safety, and who are on the frontlines of defense, seeing the worst society has to offer.

Let us be their defenders of hope.

I'm giving away a copy for the Spring Reading Thing 2009! Leave me a comment with who you'll be praying for...your police force, an officer by name (first names only, please), a soldier...whomever.

I'll draw a winner on April 26th!

Happy Reading!


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Julie J. said...

I am praying for soldier Gabe. Please enter me in the contest. Thanks! Julie

Amy Wallace said...

Thank you so incredibly much, Deena, for reminding folks to pray for those who defend our freedoms. I cried reading, "Let us be their defender of hope." Amen.

I'm sending a golden Bible charm your way to say thanks for always encouraging and shining the light of Jesus. And a huge chocolate bar because you're sooo sweet!

apple blossom said...

Praying for our President and all leaders .

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Anita Yancey said...

I am praying for my husband Tim. Not only did he spent 20 years in the Army, he has been a police officer for the past 11 years.


ReadingRobin said...

I am praying for the chaparones and officer that is going with my son the Washington DC Thursday for their Safety Patrol trip.
cmrobin bellsouth net