Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Help Get God on Morning Television!!

Press release from Thomas Nelson:

Have you noticed that God is absent from secular morning television?

I once ran Good Morning America. Friends who worked for me are now at The Today Show, CBS Morning, and The View.

Yet, funny, since writing the When GOD Winks books 8 years ago, I've never been an invited guest. One CBS producer was candid: "Tell SQuire we love him…hate the title of his books."

That's right. The G-O-D word has been unwelcome on secular TV.


On April 16th God gets a shot. Good Morning America has an Executive Producer who dares to be different; who comprehends that the territory of the faith-based audience—all that land between New York and LA—is gigantic!

On April 16th I'll be appearing to share a compelling GMA Godwink Story promoting the start of Godwink Stories on Beliefnet.com (New every Monday and Wednesday.)

Here's the thing: If we all STAND UP and SPEAK OUT we'll persuade ABC to schedule GMA Godwinks as a regular feature on Good Morning America!


Put a note on the refrigerator door: Watch GMA April 24th.

TELL EVERYONE you know—in your congregation, on your email list, anyone standing still—to watch on April 24th.

RESPOND—letting GMA know you want more Godwink Stories
Email GMA on Friday, April 24th. Or phone: 212 456 7777 ask for Audience Response line.

Watch what happens! Your actions may change the face of television.
If GMA becomes #1 because of G-O-D…others will follow!

To learn more about GodWinks, click here.

Happy Reading!


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