Monday, May 25, 2009

Face of Faith by Candy Wood Lindley (with Kathi Macias)

My husband and I are alike in so many ways--we love to read, and we both love biographies. I love true stories about people of faith and how they work out their relationships with God.

Candy Wood Lindley's story is not only amazing and inspiring, but her transparency and conversational style left me feeling as if I'd made a new friend via her book.

In 1982, God began a journey in Candy that has left her beautiful inside and out. No, I take that back--He has left her breathtaking! Diagnosed with a tumor the size of a small ball in her nasal cavity, Candy underwent a radical surgical procedure that left her face forever changed.

Through surgery and through treatment, she is healthy. But through God's radical transforming power, she is also whole. Her journey is by no means easy--some chapters were absolutely painful to read. You just want to reach into the book at certain moments and hug her tightly.

But reading her sincere and honest prayers to God, understanding where she was at each step in her faith journey, and watching as He provided for (not always in the way she preferred!) was absolutely what I needed to read.

My life journey does not begin to compare to Candy's, and yet it does. We all have those times of a holy makeover--most of the time, ours is on the inside only. God transformed Candy both inside and out.

In my humble opinion as an avid reader and reviewer, this is by far one of the best auto-biographies I've ever had the privilege of reading. I'm awarding "Face of Faith" the Golden Bookmark for Inspirational and Honest Writing, with a golden mirror shaped Bible.

For that is the ONLY mirror worth looking into in order to see ourselves. Thank you, Candy, for the honor of reading your story. May God continue to richly bless and transform you into His likeness--you look SO much like our Father!

Candy Wood Lindley's story is available through Excla!m Publishers. Visit her website here to learn more.

Happy Reading!


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Kathi Macias said...

Thanks, Deena, for posting this great review of Candy's book. I had the privilege of helping Candy get this amazing story on paper, and I can tell you she is every bit as inspiring in real life! Blessings to you and your readers!