Saturday, March 28, 2009

SRT #2: My Son, John by Kathi Macias

Here's a second review and giveaway for our Spring Reading Thing 2009:

Kathi Macias knows how to pack a lot into a short novel, and this is a challenging reading experience. It's one I think every parent should read, because you just never truly know...

"My Son, John" tells the story of the Peterson family. Liz is rocked to the core by the news that her mother was brutally murdered. Before she can even begin to process that news, another shock comes...

...her son, John, is arrested for the murder of his grandmother.

Did he REALLY do it? What could drive a good young man to do such a horrific thing? Why didn't Liz see it coming? Did her husband, John, see the signs and miss them as well?

And the biggest question can the family survive this? Can forgiveness be possible in such a circumstance?

As parents, we do everything we know to do right. We take our children to church, make our faith more than just words, teach them to follow God's ways, and watch the influences allowed into their lives.

And still, the world can creep in so insidiously...what will we do if and when our children fall? Do we have the power to forgive? Are we supposed to forgive? Kathi's book will spark some intriguing and intense book club discussions...and I hope family round table discussions as well.

This is a novel for our day and time, and it is a must read. I'm giving "My Son, John" five out of five bookmarks, with a broken heart as a charm. I'm also giving this copy away to one reader.

Leave me a comment with a prayer for your child/children/young person in your comment, and I'll draw a winner next Sunday. Oh, you still have ONE DAY left to enter SRT #1!!

Happy Reading!



Debs Desk said...

I pray everyday for my children, I guess right now my prayers are for my grandson. He has been sick and I pray he will be home from the hospital soon. Please include me in your giveaway.

Tarasview said...

I am praying that my three children adjust to our new home/town/school/church... moving is tough on kids.

Veggiemomof2 said...

This sounds like a great book! I'm going to see if our library has it, incase I don't win here! :)

My son has teenage Aspergers, so I'm praying among other things, for a better relationship between him & his younger more mature sister :(

Anonymous said...

I don't have kids yet, but my prayer for them is to have a honest love for God and others.

Kathi Macias said...

Thank you, Deena, for the great review of my new book, and multiplied blessings to all your readers!

susansbooks said...

Father in Heaven, Healer of spirits and redeemer, PLEASE save my son Christopher and bind satan's influence in my grandson Christian's life. I know you have these childrens' best interests always at heart, and I know that salvation is the only answer to their dilemma. Clear their minds of satan's lies and fill that space with your love and grace. Thank you in advance for everything you are going to do for these children that I adore.

Aymee said...

My only prayer is that I have given them the tools they need to live a happy, healthy, good life and that their path is easier than mine has been.

Thanks for another great review and opening my eyes to another author I might have otherwise missed.

apple blossom said...

My prayer for my girls is that they will remain pure for their future husbands and that they find future husbands that are remained pure and love them.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Jill said...

So many wonderful prayers for our children! Mine is a prayer of thanks. Thank you Lord for my 2 wonderful boys. You make life worth living. Please bless them and mold the into Godly men. In Jesus' name,


Jill said...

So many wonderful prayers! Mine is a prayer of thanks. Thank you Lord for blessing me with two beautiful boys. May they grow to be Godly men. In Jesus' name, Amen.


ReadingRobin said...

Lord it's hard to sometimes believe that you love my children more than I do. I pray your protection over their hearts, mind body and souls. I pray that Godly influences will draw them harder than Satan's influences. That the seeds that we have sown will flourish in their lives so that their souls will be saved. Amen
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RedCaboose said...

I'm still a young one myself (I'm 25). However, I DO have a little boy whom I pray for every day. He is the son of my former college roommate. She's two years younger than me and already this boy is going on two years. Thankfully, she's married to the baby's father and he loves them both. However, they are a young family and really have no other way but blue-collar jobs to make ends meet.

My ex-roomie (Amy) and her little boy (Jeffery) could use prayer.