Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So Not Happening by Jenny B. Jones

Okay. Let's admit it. Even us plus-aged gals love good teen lit. Praise God we have some authors who can knock a storyline out of the ballpark, like Melody Carlson, Shelley Adina, Michelle Buckman, Lisa Samson...

...and this particular author:-)

Anyone besides me missing Katie Parker and her wacky foster-grandmother, Maxine? Good news for Jenny B. Jones fans--she's back with a new novel and a new series that's better than ever!

'The Charmed Life' series kicks off in May with "So Not Happening". Isabella Kirkwood suffers from a mortal blow--and it's not her parents' divorce. It's her mother's remarriage to some guy that lives in Truman, Oklahoma. And his two sons, Logan and Robbie.

Logan, also a high school junior, nicknamed Budge and aptly so--because he won't budge in his dislike for Bella. Robbie is some boy genius, fond of superheroes and CNN, and starting grammar school. His penchant for spouting off facts most adults don't know is adorable.

Bella has it rough adjusting to life in Truman--and her hoity-toity attitude doesn't help. When word spreads as to just how Bella feels about her fellow-Trumanites, she becomes the school pariah.

But her assignment to the school newspaper could be her big break. Can a former advice columnist to Manhattan's finest prep schoolers cut it in big time investigative journalism--or will her first and only article end her up in the trash--literally?

Luke Sullivan, her high strung editor; Moxie, her cat with all the allergens; Jake Finley, her new step-dad with secrets of his own; Budge and his recycled hearse-mobile---just what do they all hold for Bella?

Filled with teen angst, romance, some intrigue, LOTS of witty humor and God's heart, "So Not Happening" is oh, so in my top ten teen lit reads! I'm voting it "Best Teen Lit Series of 2009", and awarding it the Golden Bookmark for Teen Literature Excellence.

Now, here's the sad news: you have to wait until May 2009 for "So Not Happening" to happen...from Thomas Nelson and Jenny B. Jones. Believe me, Bella Kirkwood is SO worth the wait!

Which is good, because now....I'M left waiting for more! Write fast, Jenny---write fast!!

Happy Reading!



katie said...

She is one of my FAVORITE authors and is extremely nice. I miss Katie Parker and Maxine!!!! I'm so excited to read this new series! =]

Dawn @ sheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

My 12-yr-old ("almost 13!" she'd say) daughter would really like this book. I don't think she's read any books by Jenny B. Jones, but just finished up the "All About Us" series by Shelly Adina.

I'll share your review with her!

She is Too Fond of Books