Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Red, White and blue by Laura Hayden

Think back to our last presidential election in the United States.

Ever wonder what life would be like if Hilary had won? What life would be like with a woman as our Commander in Chief?

Laura Hayden does a masterful job of portraying a female in the White House in "Red, White and Blue", her second novel (following "America The Beautiful"). Emily Benton is set to take the inaugural oath of office as President of the United States.

Can life get any better?

Or any worse? Emily's closest friend and advisor is debating her offered role of Chief of Staff. Ethical issues arose during the campaign, and Kate Rosen isn't certain of her own political future.

Can a Christian serve in the highest office of the President's cabinet and not compromise her faith? Should Kate accept the position and try to be an influence, or will she be caught up in the political machinery and crushed in the process?

Politics is dirty business--we all know that. The lengths some will go to in order to achieve their goals is astounding. With rich detail and lively characters, Laura Hayden gives us a glimpse into the D.C. world, and it will get you on your knees praying...

...regardless of political affiliation.

I'm giving "Red, White and Blue" four out of five bookmarks, with an eagle as a charm. I didn't like the ending of this one...but it's begging for another novel...hoping we get a trilogy out of Laura!

Happy Reading!


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