Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Passion of Mary-Margaret by Lisa Samson

Lisa Samson is one of my all time favorite authors; her books are always a 'must read' when I find them. Her newest title is her most challenging, provocative and daring novel to date.

It just might make you squirm a bit as you turn each page. At least, I hope it does. If you can read a Lisa Samson novel and not go away from it thinking, you haven't really read it.

"The Passion of Mary-Margaret" is told from the perspective of an older and wiser Mary-Margaret Fischer, a nun in the Catholic church and lover of the down-trodden. She has learned to love the unlovable in ways most of us can't even begin to attempt.

Her childhood love, Jude Keller has been woven into the tapestry of her life for a divine purpose. To discover that purpose, Mary-Margaret must leave her devout life to the church.

But she takes Jesus with her. What she discovers through a life of obedience and total surrender will take your breath away and leaved you stunned and amazed at the lengths our Savior will go to in order to reach His lost lambs.

Can Mary-Margaret summon up enough faith to do this unorthodox thing asked of her? Is Jude, no longer the brash young man who made passes at his read-haired love, able to accept this new love she brings to him?

Just for Mary-Margaret's encounters with Jesus, the novel is worth the experience. You cannot zip through a Lisa Samson novel...she writes in such an exquisite manner that you must savor every morsel and ponder every idea presented.

I must warn you: some of the subject matter is very mature. Personally, I believe it is time the church got her head out of the sand and realized her calling to men and women like Jude. We'll see revival in our land once that occurs.

Lisa is not afraid to take risks, and her bravery results in some breath-taking and gorgeous stories. Oh, the journeys she must take to be able to write so authentically and transparently!

I'm giving "The Passion of Mary-Margaret" the Golden Bookmark for fearless and genuine Christian writing, with a golden lighthouse as a charm. Let Lisa, Mary-Margaret and Jude lead you to a better way of living eternally.

Happy Reading!



Kim said...

I knew it! I think we "get" Lisa's books. Powerful in spite of their dark issues aren't they?

I have an interview with her up today about Mary-Margaret's story...check it out!

Glad to see you back...I've been praying!

Amy said...

I loved it too, Deena!! Great review!