Monday, March 30, 2009

Inside the Revolution by Joel C. Rosenberg

I don't normally do this because it's a risky thing to do. But I believe in this author and his message so much that I'm going to recommend you read his latest book--even though I'm not done with it yet.

Joel C. Rosenberg has become a well versed writer on end times prophecy and reading world events in light of Scripture. I've read every book he's written, five novels and one non-fiction title. And then I've watched events unfold before my eyes--just like he wrote them.

With the exception of "Dead Heat"--thank goodness!

So when I heard "Inside the Revolution" was due out, I jumped on the reviewer's list quickly. This volume of information is astounding, to say the least. Over twice as thick as "Epicenter", Joel's new book examines three positions poised to collide in the coming years, months--or even weeks.

Joel takes us inside the minds of some of the world's greatest and most secretive leaders. His three pronged examination of world events: the Islamic Revolution, the United States lack of response and preparedness, and the followers of Jesus Christ and how we must wake up all make for fascinating reading.

With interviews, transcripts, and discussions all compiled into one stellar book, "Inside the Revolution" is not hard to follow nor understand. While Joel has done his homework and become what I'd consider an expert on the Middle East, he doesn't talk in a language that is above what we can comprehend.

His goal is to make us aware of what is really going on, what Biblical prophecy is involved, and how we should be praying and responding to world events. I haven't finished the book...and it would take me far too long to do so.

So I'm sticking my neck out and telling you to BUY THIS BOOK. Read it, highlight it, write in it, and add it to your daily Bible time if you have to. We are NOT being told the complete story in our national media, and that's just a hard, cold fact.

Look with Joel through the third lens of Scripture and see world events unfold as God foretold them in the Old Testament. Be prepared and equipped for what may lie ahead, and let "Inside the Revolution" spur you on to sharing your faith like never before.

I'm giving this one the Golden Bookmark for Research and Writing excellence and attaching a Golden highlighter as a charm. I'm also voting it "Best Non-fiction Title of 2009".

It's out now...what are you waiting for? Seriously, if you read no other non-fiction title this sure you read this one!

Happy Reading!


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Kim said...

Didn't know about this one, Deena! I'm going to go pick up a copy!

Thanks for the heads up!