Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quicknotes New Testament Books by Barbour (various authors)

I love books that enrich my study of God's Word, and some of the best I've found are published by Barbour Publishing! They've been repackaged--now you can purchase them in volumes at an economical price, and the entire New Testament is available, with the Old Testament soon to come.

They're called "Quicknotes" and include a simple commentary on the individual books of the New Testament. But don't let the word 'simple' fool you. You can mine some real gems and some deep knowledge from these inexpensive Bible guides!

Each commentary includes an introduction to the book, with background on the author, the purpose, the historical setting and major themes in the book. Next is an outline of the entire book being discussed, followed by sections divided up with major headings or events.

For the New Testament, volumes 8 and 9 cover the Gospels, volumes 10 and 11 cover Acts and the Pauline epistles, and volume 12 takes you from Hebrews through Revelation.

Whether you're just wanting something to help your understanding or you're looking for ways to deepen your teaching (we're using volume 9 in our study of John), you will be pleased with what you discover in "Quicknotes".

Each volume includes interactive page layouts that are both eye appealing and easy to use. You get the big, overall picture of each book, then find a critical dissection of the book, along with help understanding some of the more difficult passages or unusual Bible customs.

Some questions to build comprehension, help in teaching and to use in discussion accompany each book as well. I have the entire New Testament set, and I use them to prepare for teaching as well as to further my own understanding.

I can't wait until the Old Testament is available! I'm a HUGE Old Testament nut--love the prophets! I'm giving "Quicknotes" the Golden Bookmark for publishing and value excellence, with a tiny bookshelf as a charm.

I'm also voting them "Best Study Aid of 2009". Check out "Quicknotes" and see if you don't find them as rich and informative as I do! In fact, I'll give away a copy of Volume 12 (Hebrews through Revelation) to one reader. Leave me a comment and I'll draw a winning name on my daughters' birthdays--February 22!

Happy Reading!



apple blossom said...

My husband being a minister would love it if I won these books. I'd love to enter your drawing. Thanks.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Kim said...

Deena - I think I would be hugely blessed by this one! I'd like to be entered in the give away!

kimfurd at hotmail dot com

Jennifer Bogart said...

This sounds like a great series! Can Canadians enter for this one?