Sunday, February 8, 2009

Faith n' Fiction Saturdays!

Amy asked this question, based upon this quote at "Novel Journey":

"Too many Christians think we are supposed to use the arts to give people the answers. We’re not. We’re supposed to use the arts to lead them into a question."
Barbara Nicolosi

What do you think? Do you think Christian fiction should provide answers or lead us to questions?

My thoughts are complicated, probably because I read so much. Yes, I think books should lead us to questions, but only as those questions point us to the God of the Bible.

I've taken some hits on this stand lately, but I'm not changing it. There is One God, the I Am of the Old Testament and Emmanuel of the New Testament. Belief in Him is the only way to Heaven.

So, if the books I read and recommend push people to seek Him, who IS the only answer, then yes, I agree. Too often we get ideas presented to us in the guise of Christianity or faith itself, and to follow them would be to walk away from Jesus.

I can't do that. He's too much to me...He's my life. So, when I read a book that inserts false philosophy into the pages, even if it's mixed in with Christianity, I'm going to reject it. And yes, as a whole.

Because my Bible teaches me it is Christ + NOTHING = Salvation. It isn't up to me, or up to's up to Him. He said it...I just believe it.

So, do we have all the answers? Yes and no. The answer is Jesus. Can I always explain it? Nope. That's where faith comes in.

The questions that I find best are those that challenge me in my belief, but do not lure me away from it. And that is why I believe that Lisa Samson (among others) ROCKS! I never walk away from one of her novels as I first picked one up.

If I'm not different on the other side of the cover, if I'm not closer to Jesus and less fond of myself without Him...then what's the point of reading it?

Happy Reading!



Nise' said...

I agree! Lisa Samson's books have challenged me as well.

Merry said...

Closer to Jesus, Amen! Keep standing, Deena, I am with you.