Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Certain Jeopardy by Captain Jeff Struecker and Alton Gansky

Ever read those books that have you gritting your teeth, sick to think someone is going to die and you don't want to lose anyone? Praying that they all make it home safely---all the while realizing this is FICTION--that they are NOT REAL? Finding yourself being the army wife, waiting home and dreading the call...but actually KNOWING what's happening because YOU ARE THERE?

If those kinds of books drive you crazy...watch out for the new release coming in May 2009 from B&H, home of GREAT fiction like "Certain Jeopardy" by Captain Jeff Struecker and Alton Gansky!

Six men, living every day lives. Some with family, some without. One with faith, the rest still seeking. All have one thing in common that binds them closer than blood brothers.

They are members of the Army's Special Ops force. Covert beyond covert, they go where no one knows they even are. One phone call can disrupt the lives of many, but plunges these six men into the deepest of dangers--all for our safety here at home in America.

Meet Sgt. Major Moyer--battling his own private battle while leading this team of highly qualified and trained men. Junior, Colt, Shaq, Doc and Caraway follow his lead...this time into Venezuela.

Their mission: to find out who's trying to smuggle nuclear secrets into the hands of the Iranians and to keep them from success. Complications arise no one can foresee. Problem is, much of this is based on true fact...so your heart gets entangled quickly.

Captain Jeff Struecker served in Somalia and had some influence on the truth of the film "Black Hawk Down". Alton has been serving up outstanding fiction for some time. These two men combined have written an up all night, pray on every page novel that will force you to thank God for the men who serve and the families who wait at home.

And to pray like you've never prayed before.

I'm rating "Certain Jeopardy" the Golden Bookmark for writing authenticity and realism, and voting it "Best Military Suspense of 2009". I can only hope these two great men collaborate on something new soon. I haven't gotten enough of Moyer and his crew!

OORAH! to the men and women in uniform in these United States and abroad from My Bookshelf. Remember, "Certain Jeopardy" releases May 2009 from B&H Publishing!

Happy Reading!


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