Monday, December 29, 2008

On Tour With "Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight" by Karen Scalf Linamen!

Considering my previous post on priorities, it's fitting that I'm on tour with this particular book!


I've been reading books by this lovely lady for a long, long time. She's my Erma Bombeck--lots of wit and humor with love attached. Karen Scalf Linamen is the kind of author I'd love to sit down with over coffee and just chat.

Her new book talks about changes, something I'm very familiar with at this stage of my life...


"Only Nuns Change Habit Overnight" is an honest examination of life and how often we slip into those ruts that end up leaving us dissatisfied and discouraged. According to Karen (and to God:-), it's both good and not so good when we're dissatisfied.

In order to change, something has to bother us. But if all we do is stay bothered, we won't get very far. Change has to occur in the life of everyone, and especially in the life of the believer.

Problem #2 is simply we live in an "add water and stir" society--instant gratification has robbed us of the perseverance and determination to get the job done. Too often we give a little effort and see little or no result, and we give up just before our breakthrough comes.

Karen addresses ways to change our lives for the better, and how to stick with the process until we get the results we want and that God wants for us. Her examination of why we procrastinate was fascinating...I'm glad I didn't put off reading that chapter!

Filled with her trademark humor (it's tinged with just a hint of sarcasm, just the way I like it!), "Only Nuns Change Habit Overnight" was the perfect read for me at this point in my walk with God. I found lots of practical advice: some I knew but had forgotten, and some I didn't know before.

One thing I didn't find was a lot of Scripture, and normally that would turn me off. However, I could see Jesus in these pages, and could see a non-believer receiving this book and being pointed to the cross of Calvary. That's a very good thing in my book...and in Karen's book!

I love Karen and I believe you will love her as well. "Only Nuns Change Habit Overnight" receives four out of five bookmarks from me, with a day planner as a charm...something I have simply GOT to learn to use!

Watch for more on this helpful and fun book in tomorrow's post!

Happy Reading!


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