Friday, December 19, 2008

Mission Wish List

What a great response from all of you! I'm so pleased, and this is what it's truly all about!

The wish list for the women's shelter consists of:

Left Behind Kids Series--specifically #2
True Colors series by Melody Carlson
Any Teen Lit series--must be Christian novels
Dee Henderson O'Malley series
Any Kathy Herman series (except Phantom Hollow--they're wearing that series out!)
Simple devotional books appropriate for women in recovery

They have bits and pieces of some series' and they are wearing them out reading them again and again and again. Miss R has read Left Behind Kids #1 several times, but won't go on until #2 appears:-) She's a gal after my own heart! Miss T and Miss C love Kathy Herman's writing.

Anything suspenseful or teen lit would be gratefully accepted. Just ship to me, and I'll send to the mission, with a note letting them know about "The Book Lady's" friends on the net:-)

You are all so great! Don't forget your local organizations in need while you're helping me! It's a great time of year to begin this, isn't it?

Love you all! So sorry about earlier today. I just am so thankful to you ALL!

Happy Reading!


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