Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Candle Discovery Series: Roman Ship Model


My 14 year old son got a peek at this one and is STOKED! I told him I had to review it before I could let him at it, so here we go...

..."Roman Ship Model" is a part of the Candle Discovery Series published by Candle Books. No pun intended, but this is a boatload of information on early ships and water transportation.

Beginning with the first boats known to exist, each description is detailed with full color images. Next are paragraphs on Egyptian boats and some explanation of sea people.

My favorite and what really sells this book for me is the section titled "Ships of the Bible". Full color illustrations--more like portraits--of the disciples and Jesus by the shore are gorgeous.

The authors also examine the Apostle Paul's sailing journeys and his shipwrecks, rich with detail and including photographs and a large map tracing his travels. This is an amazing book!

Of course, what jazzed my son up was the small scale model in the back of the book, which he plans on diving into as soon as I let this book go. For students of history, fans of history, and home school families--perfect book with lots of interactivity and facts for reports and stories.

I'm giving "Roman Ship Model" from the Candle Discovery Series the Golden bookmark for publishing excellence with a Gold Star as a charm. I'm hoping for more from this unique and amazing company to share with keep watch!

Happy Reading!


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