Saturday, December 27, 2008

Author of the Month: Eva's Moment of Inspiration...

Letting you get to know Eva in these bite sized blog posts will hopefully spark your interest in not only her writing, but in her as your sister in Christ. My goal here is two-fold:

1) To help promote books
2) To introduce the authors behind the books we love.

Sometimes I fear we forget these are our brothers and our sisters: our family. Do we contact them for something other than just books? Do we reach out in love and support, and not just by buying their books?

When's the last time you prayed with a beloved author? Sent an encouraging email? Just said "I love you--and not just because you write?"

Let's see where inspiration strikes our beloved Eva, shall we:

When Miriam and I were in the desert (Nahal Zin/Ein Avdat), I was struck by such inspiration that I began writing the second my fanny hit the seat of her car for the ride back. We were returning to Jerusalem, NOT for site-seeing but for Miriam to get her hair done for the photo shoot the next morning!! So, I wrote going TO the mall (where the salon is) and then IN the mall while she was in the salon. I wrote and wrote and wrote. I kept thinking, "I'm in a MALL for heaven's sake!!! and I'm not shopping!!!" But this was pouring out of me faster than I could steady my hand! When we returned to Miriam's home, I read what I'd written and she cried. Then she had me read it to her brother the following day and he cried. It's the first entry of the book. :)

Now, if that doesn't make you want to hunt down this book and read it for yourself, I don't know what else I can share with you! Let's go with Eva to a place we all long to visit, but will most likely never have the chance to see with our own eyes.

Let's see this Holy Land, God's Holy Land...through the eyes of our sisters, Eva and Miriam. Let them bless you today...get a copy of "Reflections of God's Holy Land" and let it speak to you.

Happy Reading!


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