Sunday, December 21, 2008

25 Reviews of Christmas: The Big Book Of Christmas Joy by Howard Books


We are winding down to the big day...Christmas day and all its festivities and celebrations...and I only have a few more Christmas titles to share with you...


Filled with recipes, poetry, quotes and inspirational stories, "The Big Book of Christmas Joy" is...well...BIG! Not so much size-wise, but thick and rich with the truth of Christmas.

As we go into the holiday season, we often think of it as just that--the holiday season. But this book changes all of it to the "holy-day" season. With "Christmas Is..." chapters, "The Big Book of Christmas Joy" looks at God's gift over 2,000 years ago through many lenses.

Through the lens of love, we see "Love, First Corinthians Style" as well as "The Christmas Paradox". Through joy we catch "Advent Virus" and learn how to make "Bethlehem Stars".

The book continues with quotes and stories that illustrate faith, peace, wonder, hope and even some fun. Don't ask me to pick my favorite--I'd have too many to choose from... the story of Julie's first Christmas, the story of the angels and the shepherds, and the delicious eggnog recipe! Plus, don't even get me started on the Christmas Corner of trivia and fascinating facts! You KNOW how I am about tidbits of info!

"The Big Book of Christmas Joy" is perfect for those moments when the shopping and non-stopping has you hopping and longing for more peace on Earth and good will toward men. Grab a cup of cocoa and put your feet up--and truly enjoy this season and reflect on the Christ of Christmas.

I'm giving this one five out of five bookmarks, with a candy cane as a charm. I made it out of colored paper so you can use it as a bookmark! Who knows...maybe you'll be like me and be reading Christmas books well into January!

Happy Reading!


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