Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Leadership Library: Leading Character by Dan Allender


Sometimes, the shortest books pack the biggest punch. That's what I'm finding in the "Leadership Library" from Zondervan. Perfectly packaged for the busy pastor, ministry leader or just busy believer, each book in the series covers a specific area of leadership and does so concisely and Biblically.

"Leading Character" by Dan Allender deals with a topic close to my heart and one I pray for often: transparency. He makes the convincing yet fearful case for revealing our true character as those in leadership, setting the stage for freedom in worship, ministry, and in life as a whole.

Citing his own weak areas of living, Dan exemplifies his own message. Some of the incidents he shares are so heartening--he is a man I could follow simply because I would have total confidence he would 1) get me and 2) hear me.

Both of those character traits, by the way, are found in Jesus.

His book paints a picture of necessary honesty and confession in leadership. But he doesn't advise us to "let it all hang out" or to "air our dirty laundry for the world to see". There is a fine line between transparency and exposure, and he demonstrates that in his book.

His thesis is this: "It is in our brokenness that we have our greatest opportunity to reveal the heart of God's goodness." Or, as the Apostle Paul once said, "Where I am weak, He is shown strong" (my own take on his words:-).

One of the reasons our church family is drawn to our pastor (my husband) is he doesn't take great pains to hide his imperfections, and he is open to guidance and instruction when needed. He realizes he is still in need of refining and correction, and he receives it with a teachable heart.

By setting that kind of example, our church has become a place of freedom and growth. Every member of leadership, whether in or out of the church, needs to read this short but powerful book.

I give "Leading Character" five out of five bookmarks, with a broken mask as a charm. It's time to remove our facades and let our true selves shine---and to look even more like Jesus through our brokenness.

Happy Reading!


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