Thursday, November 20, 2008

Author of the Month: Christy Barritt and the Spark for her series!

How Gabby and the Squeaky Clean Mystery series was born:

I did an interview with a real life crime scene cleaner. After hearing his stories, I just knew I had to write a mystery series with a crime scene cleaner as the protagonist. I wish I had some great insight as to how Gabby developed. I started writing the series with the thought of incorporating a character who had an interest in forensics. I’m NOT a plotter, so I always let my stories take on a life of their own. That’s exactly what happened with Gabby and Co. I started writing the stories and they just kind of emerged on the pages.

Share with me and Christy: what's the most unique profession you've either held or read about--or your dream profession. You might win another goodie from us! Winning name to be drawn in ONE WEEK!

As for me, I'm a college graduate, but I've always done whatever was needed to help support my family and my husband's ministry. So, for a brief period of time, I was a clown for Family Night at our local Pizza Hut restaurant--my name? Peppi-Roni!

Happy Reading!



Kim said...

Hey Peppi-Roni! You may regret sharing this little snippet from your past! He! He! He! I love it!!


Kim said...

Oh, I forgot...most unique profession...I got to be the coordinator for a travel group for retirees! Talk about fun! Back in the day I was a newly married, just graduated from college 22-year-old who thought she had the world by the tail! And I was hanging out and traveling with folks old enough to be my grandparents! Loved it!!

The ultimate memory...watching a very unexpected performance by topless dancers in the Bahamas with a couple of 70-something year old men! I about DIED!!! Talk about wishing the floor would swallow you up! And one of those little men had come to my wedding!

Ahhhh, youth!