Friday, October 31, 2008

You Wanted More Giveaways, So....

You're GETTING more giveaways!! Kicking off tomorrow, November 1st, let me present:


Each Saturday, I'll post a book or a SET of books that are up for grabs as my Christmas gift to you. All you have to do is the following:

1) leave a comment telling me why you want to win
2) leave me contact information
3) bookmark the blog so you can come back the NEXT Saturday to see if you've won
4) become a loyal reader--I'm watching my blog stats, and if they rise during the giveaways and then fall off after the festival, well---it won't be fun:-(
5) be watching for tomorrow's book giveaway announcement--it will be a good one!
6) spread the word, along with the rules---and be entered for a book of your choice at December 25th!

This giveaway festival will run until December 20th---so tell your readers and your friends. Let's help each other out this budget crisis Christmas season.

Oh, and by the way----helping with postage costs helps me offer more giveaways:-) I'm just saying.......................

Happy Reading!



windycindy said...

You are always full of wonderful ideas! Your generosity had not gone unappreciated by me. I would be happy to send you a check to help with postage. Please email me. I don't do paypal anymore because of identity theft that occurred via their site. Thanks, Cindi

Unknown said...

Posted the rules and link to this post at Bibliophile's Retreat.

Looking forward to learning about Christy and her books this month. An author I haven't read yet but knowing you they're worth reading if I ever get around to it.

Kathleen said...

Is this open to Canadians by chance?

Kathleen said...

Thanks for telling me it's open to all of North America. I posted about it here:

apple blossom said...

I posted a post about your contest and put icon in side bar. How fun.


Anonymous said...

Posted here :).

Sorry for the delay!