Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lying On Sunday by Sharon K. Souza


The only thing that thrills me more than finding a new author to love is introducing her to YOU! With her debut novel, Every Good and Perfect Gift, Sharon K. Souza captivated me.

Her follow-up novel was just as enthralling, yet even more painful for me to read. She paints a vivid picture of a wife's worst nightmare, and shows how God leads the way out of the maze of pain and confusion.

"Lying On Sunday" chronicles the life of Abbie Torrington, devoted wife and mother of two daughters. As she finalizes preparation for her youngest daughter Becca's birthday celebration, the phone rings.

Tragedy of momentous proportion implodes her life.

Once the dust settles, Abbie realizes that her husband is dead. And he died while in the arms of another woman.

On their daughter's birthday. With more unpleasant surprises in store for Abbie that day.

Her daughter's mourn the loss of their beloved father; Abbie mourns the loss of truth, trust, and betrayal of the worst kind. How can Abbie tell her girls the truth of their father's lies, and would anyone believe her anyway?

Abbie's entire life has been a struggle for truth. She's estranged from her mother for some unknown reason, constantly battling to be perfect for Trey Torrington, her cheating spouse--and desperate to connect with her oldest daughter, Bailey, who is more like her father and grandmother than Abbie can bear.

Your heart breaks for this fictional character whom you realize could be sitting in your church RIGHT NOW. She might be your friend RIGHT NOW. Any woman of faith of not could be living this nightmare right now, and how will we respond to her?

Will we be like Abbie's best friend, Shawlie--hiding secrets from her she needed to know years ago? Will we be like Becca, reluctantly supporting her but not going far enough? Or will we be like Abbie's dad, always there, always taking up her defense, always trying to make it right?

Or will we take her to the throne of God--praying mercy, grace, strength, healing and courage--and that we be His instrument if He so chooses?

With lively characters that walk off the pages and into your heart, Sharon has penned another novel worthy of high merit. I award "Lying On Sunday" five out of five bookmarks with a box of tissues as a charm. This was a painful read for me, but so worth it (not because I've lived it, but because, deep down, I've always feared it. Praise God, no longer--but this was a testing ground for me).

Happy Reading!


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Mocha with Linda said...

I loved Every Good and Perfect Gift and was captivated by this book as well! Looking forward to more of her books!