Friday, October 3, 2008

The Dragonfly Secret by Clea and John Adams


I have one of, if not THE BEST unpaid job in the world! When great, inspiring books like this one come my way, I can only say "God is SO good!"

"The Dragonfly Secret" is a children's book meant for an audience world wide and without age limits. It tells the story of Lea the dragonfly and the little boy she meets one day.

Lea is given a task. She doesn't understand it. She knows there's something different about the little boy, but she's a dragonfly and cannot quite figure it out.

As she goes along to meet that task, another is given to her, with a third as well. But the third remains a mystery until she completes the first two.

Filled with delightful illustrations and a whimsical tale that I, personally, have no doubt our God delights in bringing to life, "The Dragonfly Secret" will not only delight readers of all ages, it will bring hope, healing and comfort to many.

My mom would have LOVED this book. I'm going to share it with my sisters. And I'm delighted to tell you it's published by husband and wife team, Clea and John Adams and their own company, Feather Rock Books.

I'm giving "The Dragonfly Secret" four out of five bookmarks, with a teddy bear as a charm...and he wears a red cap!

Happy Reading!


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