Monday, September 1, 2008

Up Pops The Devil by Angela Benson


I'll be the first one to admit, it is uncomfortable reading outside my favorite genres. I'm not a historical fan, and I'm fussy about my science fiction/fantasy choices.

The one genre I'm least familiar with, but one that is growing by leaps and bounds, is multi-cultural literature. So I was pleased yet reluctant to accept an offer to read "Up Pops The Devil" by Angela Benson.

I'm SO glad I didn't pass it up! While I was able to recognize some cultural differences between my lifestyle and the lifestyle of the story's main characters, the common thread of faith bound us together and made for a delightfully surprising reading experience!

Preacher Winters (aka Wilford) has just finished two years of hard time in prison for drug charges. His meeting with Barnard Jenkins led to a relationship and ultimately Preacher accepting Christ.

But prison conversions are a dime a dozen. How can anyone know for certain that Preacher really "took" to Jesus? And what does the enemy...the devil...have in store for him once he's released back out into society?

His one time lover Tanya hopes it's a joke...she's grown accustomed to her luxurious lifestyle, courtesy of Preacher's drug trafficking. She doesn't want a "Christian man"...she wants her old man back.

His sister and business partner Loretta doesn't want the new reformed Preacher either. The one strong tie in life is to her brother and their business. Will she do whatever it takes to lure him back into his old life?

Then there's Barnard's wife, Serena...just how does she fit into all of this? And his sister, Natalie...does satan have plans for her that involve Preacher? Can any of them hold on to faith, even tenuous, newborn faith when the storms come their way?

Strong with the message of riding out the storm in the Savior's arms, "Up Pops The Devil" will speak to believers of any culture. We are all part of God's family once we've accepted Him as Savior and Lord...and it's time we got to know how well we blend together as one in the One.

I've enjoyed reading Angela Benson's work, and she is a well-deserving award winning author. Expand your horizons and pick up a copy of "Up Pops The Devil". You'll be glad you did! I'm giving it four out of five bookmarks, with a set of car keys as a charm.

Happy Reading!


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