Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The S.O.S. For PMS by Mary Byers


The headaches. The cramping, bloating and overall achy feeling. The blue moods... the crankiness. These are the memories from my high school and college years. Then came marriage, kids, and life. But the cramping and company never completely left me behind.

Now we know it as PMS. Then...well, we weren't quite sure. Mary Byers new book, "The S.O.S. for PMS" takes the guess work out of our monthly experience and puts the power to heal through knowledge back into our hands.

Mary chronicles the lives of two women--Amber and Callie. Callie is a young mom, suspicious she has PMS...Amber is a woman who knows she has it. Through their chapter dialogues, Mary is able to illustrate what she then further discusses in each chapter.

And Mary is thorough. She covers the wide range of symptoms and the variations of PMS diagnoses. She includes charts to help women track their symptoms, to better help their doctor with diagnosis.

Also included is a letter to the husbands of wives who suffer from PMS. Through her book, Mary restores hope to the millions of women who struggle with this monthly malady. And she removes the stigma and the shame surrounding PMS with factual biological information.

It wasn't all that long ago I struggled with severe PMS myself. I've practiced some of the things Mary talks about in her book--and they work. You don't have to remain a victim of your monthly cycle. God has provided answers...it's up to you to respond to the message found in this book.

I'm giving "The S.O.S. for PMS" four out of five bookmarks, with a Hershey bar as a charm (hey, if we can't laugh about it....)!

Happy Reading!


P.S. Maybe you're like me and PMS isn't your worry any longer. How about menopause?? Be watching for my review of "Hot Flashes From Heaven" soon!

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