Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On Tour with Somaly Mam on "The Road of Lost Innocence"


About the Book: Born in Cambodia and orphaned at an early age, Somaly Mam, a Buddhist sex trade survivor, grew up never knowing her real name or birthday.

As a teenager, Somaly Mam was sold into prostitution and spent years in the brothels of Cambodia where she witnessed and experienced the full-blown horrors of the human sex trade – rape, torture, and nearly unfathomable abuse. After her eventual escape, she could not forget the young girls (some as young as 5) left behind in the brothels, and so she returned to serve them.

Her new book, "The Road of Lost Innocence," is her newest means of advocacy. It tells her personal story, ultimately inviting people of conscious, such as our Christian community, to become involved (or to continue involvement) in this war against an epic evil, a modern battle for "the least of these." Truly, not only is this book worth reading, it's worth sharing.

My Thoughts: This is a different way of reviewing for me, I know, I know! But I want to be clear on what this particular book is about. I was hesitant to request a copy. But my dear rep at Waterbrook encouraged me to stretch and take a risk.

I'm SO glad she did!

Somaly Mam's story is a difficult one to read. It is filled with pain, anger, and hurt that most of us cannot begin to understand. Sold into sexual slavery at 16...never knowing who you really are...and then going back into that world to rescue those who need someone to rescue them.

What courage! What integrity! What a woman!

My only disappointment is this--and I know I'm sticking my neck out on this one--Somaly never embraces the love of Jesus. Raised in the land of Buddhism, did anyone ever reach out to her in Christian love? Where were the missionaries in Somaly's life?

Because, as great as her work now is...and, believe me, it is GREAT!'s what she does for Jesus that matters most. And if Somaly doesn't know Jesus...quite honestly, that breaks my heart.

Her love is huge. Her devotion is endless. Her desire to help, to rescue, to enormous.

But so is her anger. So is her pain. And salving her own pain by helping those in need of rescue won't ever completely wash it away. It will take the healing power of Christ to do that. And, oh, how He longs to do that.

My prayer is that you will read this book. As Christians in America, we are SO stinking privileged that we overlook men and women in persecution and slavery. It's time to open our eyes and our hearts and rescue them from MORE than the slavery of this life.

We must throw open the door of salvation that leads them to rescue in the NEXT life. Somaly's story will break your heart. Read it with an empty cup, and let Jesus fill it with love for women like her. You may be the one who prays and she receives the gift of eternal life.

I'm in love with this woman. I'm praying for her now, and all of the others like her. Praying God send His missionaries to their rescue...not just in spiritual matters, but in the physical as well. Pray with me.

Buy this book. Proceeds help with the physical rescue. Then pray for this woman, that she come to Jesus and then begin to spiritually rescue the enslaved as well.

I'm not ranking this one. That would make a mockery of the story. Just go get it. Read it. Let it make you weep. Let it make you pray. Let it move you to action.

Click on the cover image to buy the book. You won't regret it.

Happy Reading!


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ReadingRobin said...

As christians we often don't like to stare in the face of evil. Although hard to read, I think it is our resposibilty to do so. The underground sex slavery is real and this book looks like it sheds light on the pure evil and bodage that these women (and men) face daily. Thanks for taking the risk!