Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On Tour With Generation Hex: Exclusive Interview, part one!


I emailed with Dillon and Marla about their book, "Generation Hex". They were very compassionate in their book, and I saw equal compassion in their responses to my interview questions.

Today, I'm presenting part one of my interview, with responses from Dillon Burroughs:


1) You two had to deal with some heavy stuff in your research. What personal concerns did you have while doing your research for this book/topic?

It was tough. I found myself disagreeing with several Christian books that were misinformed on aspects of Wicca, while I also disagreed with the Wiccan writings I studied. Plus, Christians were the toughest critics on this topic, asking, “Why would you want to write about witchcraft?”

I felt like everyone was mad at me about something, yet God had still called me to research this stuff to share Christ’s love with people actually involved in Wicca. So I focused on lots of prayer, comparing everything I read with Scripture, and writing as if the reader was a friend of someone they really cared about who was involved in Wicca. Many have noted that our book really comes across as two Christians who really love Wiccans and want the best for them. If we are to be known as Christians by our love, then hopefully we ended up on the right note.

2) As you gathered your information for "Generation Hex", what was in the forefront of your hearts? What was the ultimate goal of the book?

As a former youth worker, I could see the faces and hear the questions from years of students asking about witchcraft, spells their friends were using at school, and teenage witches who would reveal in private that they were still really seeking. Biblically, my focus was Ephesians 4:15, to speak the truth in love. Wiccans need to know I love them and want to help improve their lives, yet they must also know this help comes from Jesus rather than the spiritual path they have chosen.

3) As parents, tell us one thing we can do for our children, teens and young adults in our families or spheres of influence concerning this information.

The number one thing would be to develop Christ-like compassion for Wiccans. This encompasses everything in the book—prayer, learning, friendship, listening, and outreach—with an attitude that reflects the heart of Christ.

4) Usually, when an author tackles such a spiritual topic we hear stories of warfare taking place in and around them. Did you two battle differently in any way?

Big time! There is a spiritual battle taking place. I chose not to blame bad days or situations on Satan or demons, but I certainly sensed a struggle to keep this project from happening at many points along the way.

5) How can the church help in educating parents, leadership, and young people concerning Wicca?

Thanks, Dillon! You can read more of Dillon's writings in "What Can Be Found In Lost" and "What's The Big Deal About Other Religions" (both co-authored with John Ankerberg).

Watch for part two of my interview, this time with Marla, tomorrow:-)

Happy Reading!


First, you have to face it. People typically avoid what they don’t understand, churches included. In Barna’s latest study, fewer than 10 percent of churches had provided any training to teens on the paranormal or witchcraft. Generation Hex provides the information. I encourage every church leader to check out the material and use it in some way to help your congregation understand the facts of Wicca and how Christians can pray and live in such a way as to impact Wiccans in their communities.

Second, you must live it. I can talk about Wicca all day, but it’s when I’m willing to talk to a Wiccan and listen to his or her story that I’m stepping out in faith. It’s tough, I mess up sometimes, and I don’t always walk away with an amazing story of change, but I must try. I tell people that if you sit down for an hour with someone and talk about the most important things in your life, Jesus better come up if you claim to follow him. What you say about Jesus will vary from one conversation to the next, but if he is your life, you can’t help but talk about him with others.

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