Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On Tour With "Generation Hex" by Marla Alupoaicei and Dillon Burroughs


What a timely book for me and for my family! Just last year, at our small charter school, in small town Northern California, my then 17 year old daughter discovered and announced to me one day: "We have a Wiccan at our school, and she's friends with my best friend".

Which was naturally followed by, "Mom, what do Wiccans believe?" And, of course...I couldn't tell her. But I can now:-)

"Generation Hex" does a marvelous job explaining the basic tenets of Wicca in a manner that any age can comprehend. I discovered Dillon Burroughs when I read "What Can Be Found In Lost" and received the book "What's The Big Deal With Other Religions".

This was my first time reading Marla's work. Both authors are thorough in their research. Neither just stuck with the academics...they hit the streets and talked with people involved with Wicca!

For such a thin book, "Generation Hex" is packed with information, and flooded with not only Scripture, but with direct quotes from Wiccans and from books and articles written by Wiccans.

What I truly appreciated was Marla and Dillon not only exposed the lies found in Wicca, they put a spotlight on truth through Scripture and personal testimonies. The chapter 'In Gods And Godesses We Trust' is worth the read just by itself. But almost as powerful was the testimony of a once Wiccan, now believer in Jesus.


While the authors take Harry Potter to task, they leave the door open in a non-judgmental way, which was refreshing. Plus, they urge parents to pre-read any secular (and even Christian, in my opinion) books they give their children.

This is a regular practice of mine, and it opens doors for discussions that bless my soul and deepen the faith and understanding of my children.

BUT, we must not stop with just this book. Marla and Dillon swing open a door to a belief system we truly MUST understand in this age of spiritual curiosity and heightened interest in the spiritual realm.

I encourage you to dive deeper by using their reference list, but choose books from a godly perspective, PLEASE! With many more to choose from than ever before, we need to take advantage of this valuable knowledge.

Marla and Dillon have merely scratched the surface, but they have mined up some jewels for us to chew on and their compassion for those caught up in this deceptive system of belief is to be highly admired and imitated as they imitate Christ.

DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK, but DON'T STOP WITH THIS ONE. Learn, love, pray, and preach in the power of the Holy Spirit of the One True God and His Beloved Son whom He sacrifice on our behalf.

I'm giving "Generation Hex" five out of five bookmarks, with a magnifying glass as a charm. Keep searching for truth while learning about the false teachings that are captivating our youth!

Happy Reading!



Anonymous said...

Your review on this one was absolutely riveting. I appreciate your take on it very much. I too sometimes feel like it's best to be armed with knowledge rather than to be ignorant and fearful. I love how you ended with Learn, love, pray, and preach in the power of the Holy Spirit of the One True God and His Beloved Son whom He sacrificed on our behalf.
Please enter me to win. Thanks.

mark said...

That is wonderful advice, Deena.

I, for one, am rather tired of the church being needlessly afraid of things that they don't understand.

As you stated, this book is indeed a good start at remedying that lack of understanding.


Me... said...

I wanted this when you first reviewed it!!

I've also started obsessing on "I'm not your friend, I'm your parent" I hope it comes up as a giveaway!

Thanks for the opportunity!