Sunday, September 7, 2008

Embrace Me by Lisa Samson


If I was forced to pick one author who's fiction always challenges author who's books always leave me the better for having read them...the author I must be in a particular frame of mind to fully appreciate... would be Lisa Samson. I never approach her fiction lightly, as I have come to respect her as more than just an author. She is a modern day voice crying in the wilderness of our plenty and our lack of understanding.

In "Embrace Me", truth collides with lies in an kaleidoscope of images that reveal something we all must realize before we can be effective for the Kingdom of God. Desires must die, wants must wither, and our inner beauty must surpass our outward appearing.

All of this is demonstrated through, of all things, a carnival side-show of freaks and an ambitious, over the top pastor of a growing mega church that would rival any in existence today.

Drew Parrish is a magnetic minister, a prolific personality that can woo and draw in a crowd like no other person can. His dreams are far beyond any average scope, and he will create the means to achieve those dreams at any cost.

Even going as far as using young Daisy's talents and desire for his love and affection to win. Problem is, Drew is his own god...he does not know the One he claims to serve.

When a side-show carnival goes off season, Valentine and Lella settle in North Carolina, a small town where they can most feel at home...although, where can "Lizard Woman" and her companion, "The Human Cocoon" truly feel at home?

Horribly disfigured, Valentine spends her life caring for her dearest and limb-less friend, Lella. But this is a new season for Val, and an unusual monk by the name of Augustine ushers it in.

What other winds of change and truth await them both? What has God designed for these two whose paths have seemed to cross by happenstance? Forgiveness has a name...and His name is Jesus.

We watch as imaginary characters learn this truth...and we are forever changed. You cannot merely read a novel penned by Lisa Samson. You must engage yourself in the story...she leaves you no other choice.

But you are the better for having participated. And her talent is growing deeper and her audience needs to be wider...because the message of true Christian living that she brings to the table needs to resonate within the Body of Christ.

Therefore, I award "Embrace Me" the golden bookmark...and I encourage you to embrace the truth found in these pages of fictional beauty.

Happy Reading!



Rel said...

Pretty amazing story, isn't? I thought you would love it!

Nise' said...

Not only did I love this book, I was moved by it as well. This is one book that stays with you.

Brittanie said...

Me too. :)

Angi said...

I haven't read this one yet, but I LOVE Lisa Samson - Quaker Summer is my favorite of hers to date!

Kim said...

Oh Deena! I LOVED this book!! It's a story you never forget!