Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pure by Rebecca St. James


Purity is SO much more than saving yourself for marriage! That's why I was thrilled with the new 90 day devotional book coming soon by Rebecca St. James, Christian artist and spokeswoman for purity among today's youth.

"Pure" is written as a journey through purity of mind, soul and body. Divided into three sections, each one focuses on one of those three areas.

Each section is broken down into a daily reading that includes Scripture (often taken from The Message), Reflections, Looking Further, and Living It Out. So, in one devotional you have the Word, the discussion, a deeper examination, and then practical application.

This book is perfect for teens seeking more than the message this world offers on purity (which is a total LIE, by the way). But I highly recommend a mother/daughter devotional time when you can read it together and discuss it together.

As I stated earlier, this book covers more than abstaining from sex. Did you know we can become impure even while married and staying faithful to our spouses? Of course you did...but did you ever really think about it??

Rebecca covers topics such as "Who Defines Your Worth?", "Praying Through The Pain", and "Removing The Mask". She also re-introduces us to God in "In Awe". I've personally made it a goal to only use the word 'awesome' in describing God...and it has made a huge impact on me and my family.

Rebecca also talks about "Waiting For Sex", "Your Body Image", "The Romance of Waiting" and much more. In her section on Purity of Spirit, she tackles topics such as "A Submissive Spirit", "Fighting Through The Tough Times", and "When Waiting Gets Tough".

She doesn't sugarcoat the message of total purity. And she's lived it, which gives credence to her words. The best teachers, in my opinion, are the ones who've walked that road already. And Rebecca's been on this road for many years (her heart longs for marriage and family--pray for her).

This book will cause you to rethink purity, and to take it truly to heart. I applaud Rebecca for writing it, and FaithWords for publishing it. I'm giving "Pure" five out of five bookmarks, with a 'best friends' set of heart shaped charms, encouraging moms and daughters, friends, and co-laborers to get copies and to start remaining "Pure".

Happy Reading!



Anonymous said...

I just ordered this book. Your review cinched my decision. Looking forward to going through it with my daughter.

Thank you!

truthseeker68 said...

Very good article. I saw her today on tv with James Robison talking about the book. I also saw her perform last year here in Southern Cali. She delivered a very powerful message then about purity. She also has a genuine love for God. It glows in her face. As a christian bass player who has made a couple of mistakes in my previous life, but one who practices chastity and believes that guys are as accountable to God as much as girls are to remain abstinent, I urge all parents to go out and get this book...even though it's written for girls ages 12 to 25( as Rebecca said) I think boys will learn a lot from it too.