Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage by Mark Gungor


I first heard of Mark Gungor through a couple in our church. They purchased his seminar on DVD and commented in passing that we could "never show it in church". Well, that perked my ears up right away.

When I found out Mark Gungor had written a book based on the seminar, I thought, "I've gotta read this!".

Know what?

We probably COULDN'T show his seminar DVD in our church! And that's a shame.

Why, you ask?

Mainly, because Pastor Mark (yup, he's a pastor) doesn't mince words on a very personal subject area. But everything he shares has a ring of truth and he backs it up with both Scripture, tradition, and good old common sense!

These are areas we need to be discussing in our churches, but for now I'll just recommend this book...HIGHLY.

In "Laugh Your Way To a Better Marriage", Pastor Mark first tackles the differences between men and women. From how we think to how we perceive things, we are as different as night and day. But don't lose hope...remember that time between daybreak and evening...

...ah, yes, twilight! Well, that's where we can meet and learn from one another! Okay, bad joke, but you get my meaning (I hope! If not, read the book!). Pastor Mark shares about men and their nothing boxes and how women can always find the salt when men can't.

Then, he tackles a tough subject, but one the church needs desperately to address--the topic of s*x. He has such a new and refreshing and freeing way of talking about this all too taboo topic. I've learned so much, and I've been married for 23 years!

Pastor Mark shares about a healthy marital intimacy and how destructive pornogr*phy and other such socially accepted practices destroy that intimacy instead of enhancing it. Some of the books he references made me almost weep at the beauty of what other cultures have that we in America lack.

Any and all married couples need to read this book. Actually, it would probably be best if the wives read it first, and the husbands just read what we highlight! No joke!

One word of caution: while Pastor Mark does have a humorous way of sharing his wisdom, this is serious stuff and only for those who are either engaged or actually married.

As is said often in Song of Solomon (in the Bible for those who missed it--between Ecclesiastes and Isaiah), "Don't awaken love before its time". In other words, lead others not into temptation by giving them this book!

I'm not quite finished with it yet, but already I have lots of highlights to share with my husband! And I'm already realizing some things I've done in error and how to change them to laugh my way to a better marriage!

I'm giving Pastor Mark's book the golden bookmark and awarding it "Best Counseling Book of 2008"!

(Some explicit language is used, but not intended to be gratuitously or inappropriately; however, some readers may find it unnecessary or insensitive.)

Happy Reading!


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