Saturday, August 30, 2008

Conspiracy In Kiev by Noel Hynd


I'm (was) nly mid way through this book, and I'm already was SO in love with it! Noel Hynd MUST have had a job writing for "Alias", I'm telling you!

"Conspiracy In Kiev" is the first book in The Russian Trilogy (I could already tell I was going to be in A.G.O.N.Y. waiting for the other two!). Alexandra (Alex) LaDuca is a special agent with the F.B.I., investigating scams and financial fraud. Her own personal history is a creative masterpiece...I feel like I know her!

Engaged to Secret Service Agent Robert Timmons, Alex would much rather be stateside, planning her wedding and, as she puts it, reading trashy novels (I need to introduce her to some fine Christian chick lit!).

But the F.B.I. calls, and wants her on the case involving THE mastermind of all masterminds in the criminal syndicate--a dangerous man named Yuri Federov. I can tell that Mr. Hynd did his homework on the country of Ukraine, and if even HALF of what he writes is true....pray for that region and that country!

What follows is a cat and mouse game, one where you don't know quite who's the cat and who's the mouse. Alex's childhood faith is tested to its limits, and she's not sure she will find her way back to the cross.

Who really is the bad guy? Why does this assignment smell fishy? What will meet Alex in Ukraine? And is Alexander Putin the anti-christ (Just threw that one in to see if you were paying bad:-)

Noel Hynd is a fine discovery for a suspense and intrigue junkie like me! Plus, he is an author of high integrity and has a knack for cat and mouse suspense like no other I've found to date.

The book releases October 2008 from Zondervan; SO sorry to torture you all like this:-) But "Conspiracy In Kiev" is most definitely worth the wait. Personally, I can't WAIT for his NEXT volume to hit my mailbox.

Until then, I'm giving it five out of five bookmarks, with a secret decoder ring as a charm...didn't you all wish you had one growing up:-)

VERY Happy Reading,


P.S. This was a hard lesson for me. We had an editing issue, which has taught me a lot. Reviewers: when something questionable pops up in an advanced reader copy, or a galley proof, take it to the source before you knock it on the net. Our author friends do so much for us, they always deserve the benefit of the doubt. My most HUMBLE apologies to Noel Hynd and Zondervan.

P.P.S. If you're HIGHLY confused, send me a personal email and I'll explain this difficult misunderstanding to you, and tell you about this INCREDIBLE man I've met through all of this:-)


Brittanie said...

So happy it was an editing mistake. I am looking forward to reading this book. :)

Crystal M. said...

I, too, am so glad that it was an editing mistake. I soooo can't wait to read this one. My grandfather on my mother's side was Ukrainian - born in Kiev... I've always been intrigued by the people and the Ukraine. So excited! October can't come quick enough. Thanks for clearing up the misunderstanding and also for the great review on this one.
~Crystal M.

Anonymous said...

Wow...sounds like an interesting book! Thanks for the review!