Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Beautiful Fall by Chris Coppernoll


It is so much FUN to watch an author develop their craft, to hone their skills and sharpen their talent. My husband actually discovered Chris Coppernoll for me when he bought me a copy of "Providence" and I devoured it in one sitting.

When I received my advanced copy of "A Beautiful Fall", I was thrilled. The artwork and back cover blurp were outstanding, and made me so excited for Chris. I finished the story late last night, and I was NOT disappointed!

Emma Madison is at the top of her legal game; she took on a huge insurance company and won a 'David and Goliath' style victory. Celebrating her win and anticipating her next case with the firm, a call comes as she stands in the courthouse...

...a call from area code 803. Home. Juneberry, South Carolina--a place Emma hasn't been in twelve long years. Where her past will now meet her present as she flies home to see her dad as he lay in ICU, recovering from a heart attack.

The shock of almost losing her father and the memories of the mother she only had for five years flood Emma's heart. She never explained her sudden departure from Juneberry to her friends, or to her once upon a time love, Michael Evans.

Emma is surprised to feel such a warm reception from those she ran away from more than a decade ago. No condemnation, no judgment...merely a question or two and lots of warm love and support.

She settles back into her hometown and cares for her dad, reconnecting with him and with old friends...and old loves. Just as Emma feels her heart begin to meld with her roots, another phone call comes that sends her into another whirlwind of feelings and choices.

Boston calls, and so does her career...a potentially lucrative and high powered career. In fact, more than just the law is in her future...what will Emma choose?

Chris is a talented writer that knows how to get to the heart of a story quickly. He creates the kind of characters you want to run into at Starbucks and to have a latte with. And I'd just about give anything to move to Juneberry right about now!

His second release is a hit with me, and I think it will be a hit with you as well. Come to Juneberry in the fall...it will be absolutely beautiful.

I'm giving "A Beautiful Fall" five out of five bookmarks, with an autumn leaf as a charm. "A Beautiful Fall" releases October 2008 from David C. Cook...watch for it!

Happy Reading!


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Anonymous said...


Thanks! Your review is such an encouragement to me. I can't tell you how good reading your first impression of ABF made me feel. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. I can't wait to send you the final version with 15 additional pages! I also hope you'll like something I wrote called "How to Write a Novel in 12 Weeks" that will be included in the final release. I can't wait for you to read it.