Friday, July 4, 2008

Picket Fence Promises by Kathryn Springer


I just finished reading the most enjoyable book--perfect lazy day reading! Kathryn Springer became one of my favorite Christian romance writers with her first novel, "Front Porch Princess".

I hesitate to call her stories romance. They are SO much more...but then again, they are romance. They're laced with the romance of Jesus' love for us, and the way Kathryn writes it...well, how can anyone resist His love?

In "Picket Fence Promises", Bernice Strom is working out her new found faith with genuine fear and trembling! Owner of the 'Cut N Curl' beauty parlor, she's just discovered a missing piece of her life, found herself in Jesus, and opened herself up to friends.

Now, another part of past comes rolling into town--and it looks like he's there to stay!

What could Alex Stone find appealing about Prichett, Wisconsin after enjoying the glitz and glamor of Hollywood? It couldn't be Bernice, could it? After twenty years?

Just what is God up to, and who will give Bernice the strength to get through it to the other side? Warm friendships, unexpected blessings, and her ever growing faith in Christ are aptly demonstrated in the pages of this engaging story!

Don't overlook this fun and love-filled novel! I'm giving "Picket Fence Promises" five out of five bookmarks, and adding a yellow knit cap as a charm (if you don't melt at that scene, will!). Begin your journey with Bernice, Elise, Annie and friends with the first novel in the series, "Front Porch Princess", then continue the fun with "Prince Charming List"!

Happy Reading!


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Brittanie said...

I loved this book too. My favorite though is the third book in the series.