Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CSFF Blog Tour with Donita K. Paul and "Dragonlight"!


I became a fan of Donita's after her first three books in the "Dragonkeeper" series were already released. I had just finished reading a highly suspenseful fantasy novel and was craving more, but wanted a spiritual message in my reading choice.

I browsed the local bookstore shelves and selected a copy of "DragonSpell". Donita was a new author to me, and I was eager to 'test her out'. Mid way through the first book, I was picking up the phone and calling my husband at work.


So he could dash by the bookstore and get me the other two books that were out! I just HAD to have the entire series!

That's always a mark of an excellent author, when you're barely through the first and you know you need the rest:-)

Needless to say, I've shared Donita's books with other fantasy lovers, warning them to have cash in hand once they've tried her first novel! So I'm both thrilled and saddened to see the final and fifth installment of the "Dragonkeeper" series on my shelf.

Thrilled, because it's finally more wondering, cliff hanging, loose threads, and satisfyingly concluded. Yet saddened, because fantasty of Donita's caliber isn't always easy to find.

I not only love her stories, I feel safe having my children read them. My middle daughter is a dragon nut, and my son also enjoys a good fantasy romp now and then, but it's hard to weed out books that don't damage our faith from those that do.

Donita is a safe and sound author to read, and she obviously has a love for children's imaginations. Her world is a fantastical journey, and one worth the taking.

So, I'm pleased to join in this tour, although I'm a bit late in the joining. I'm also thrilled to let you know that Donita is taking part in this fall's


Fantasy Fiction Tour! Click on the image to check it out! To purchase a copy of the final book in this five book epic tale, click on the cover image above. I also encourage you to visit Donita's fun website and to check out her blog.

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Katie Hart - Pinterest Manager said...

Don't worry - Donita is still writing fantasy! Book one of her new series set in Amara will be out next summer!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I nominated you for a blog award. See the details at Letters On Pages

Donita K. Paul said...

Thank you so much for your glowing report. One of the things I cherish is to be able to tell a parent that the book is clean. Also that the "scary" elements on last a brief time, and the tension of whether or not a good guy will make it lasts a short time as well. Some kids get nightmares, you know!
And because of the low tension, I try to liven things up with humor. It works for some people and not for others.