Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Steal of a Deal by Ginny Aiken


Ginny Aiken has become a favorite mystery author, starting with her "Deadly Decor Mysteries" and continuing with this new series. She has a knack for creating suspense with humor and characters that are unique and have a genuine voice.

Her first novel in "The Shop-Til-U-Drop Mysteries was "Priced To Move", where we met Andie Adams, renowned gemologist, her whimsical Aunt Weeby, her aunt's sidekick, Miss Mona--and witnessed the creation of the 'Shop-Til-U-Drop' network...aka S.T.U.D. Network:-)

Andie had an overload of adventure on a trip to Myanmar in search of priceless rubies, and you'd think she'd have learned her lesson. Well, she did...but you've obviously never dealt with Miss Mona and Aunt Weeby!

In "A Steal of a Deal", Andie intends to go on a missions relief trip to Kashmir, but ends up hoodwinked into an excursion junket for supposed highly treasured sapphires this time.

Of course, mission work will be done, much to Andie's relief. Until the body shows up.

When the authorities of Kashmir suspect one of Andie's entourage, the trouble begins. Of course, sparks are already flying between Andie and her co-star, Max. What is going on between those two, and is it something we want to know about??

A second body turns up, more tragedy awaits them back in the states, and it's obvious that someone is looking for something that the group carried back from exotic Kashmir.

Can Andie find out what it is before someone she loves pays the price? Will the authorities ever stop suspecting she's done something wrong? And can she stop sniping and wise-cracking with Max to find out how she feels about him (think "Moonlighting"!)?

Again, Aunt Weeby is priceless herself, with her convoluted reasoning and conversations. Ginny has carefully woven a deep message of faith and service into this storyline, and I pray it doesn't get lost amidst the hunt for a great story as you read this one.

Andi-Ana Jones (as she's now known) and her hunt for precious gems will stay on my bookshelf...that's one thing you can count on! I'm giving "A Steal of a Deal" five out of five bookmarks, with a Coach purse as a charm...you'll see why when you buy your copy of Ginny's latest release.

And be watching for the third installment to release soon!

Happy Reading!


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