Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lookin' Back, Texas by Leanna Ellis


I enjoyed Leanna's sort of debut novel, "Elvis Takes a Back Seat" (I say sort of debut because that wasn't her first novel, just the first one under that name in that genre). She has a sense of humor that is witty and has a bit of an edge to it (read that: sarcastic), which appeals to me.

Go figure! LOL!

Her second book, in my opinion, is prologue and chapters better than the first (that's a bit of literary wit, mind you). In "Lookin' Back, Texas", Leann had me crying tears of laughter one page and then choked up with emotion the very next line.

Betty Lynne Davidson is my kind of woman! Her husband walks out on her, so she gets even--she plans his funeral. Only problem is, he isn't dead yet!

When her daughter, Suzanne, gets a frantic phone call from her dad asking her for help, she flies straight back home to Texas and into the arms of insanity...namely, her parents.

What Suzanne doesn't count on is having to face her past, and to address some shaky and potentially crumbling flaws in her own marriage while helping her reluctant parents put theirs back together.

This is by far one of the most unique concepts I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Now, I've met some wacky Southern women, and I love them all...but Betty Lynne takes the cake. When you read about the casket...well, if you aren't grabbin' a hanky and runnin' for the just don't get Southern humor!

I'm giving "Lookin' Back, Texas" five out of five bookmarks, with a rearview mirror as a charm...sometimes, lookin' back at our past can be a GOOD thing! Be lookin' for "Lookin' Back, Texas" to release from Broadman and Holman in September 2008.

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Jenny said...

Really lookin' forward to this book - thanks for the review, Deena