Sunday, June 8, 2008

From a Distance by Tamera Alexander


I've said this often enough, I'm sure my readers can repeat it with me: "I don't care for historical novels". BUT...

...if anyone could make me WANT to like them, it would be Tamera Alexander! Her recent release and first book in her "Timber Ridge Reflections" series had me captivated from the first chapter.

Elizabeth Westbrook has come to the Colorado Territory under false pretenses. Her father, a decorated Union Army commander, thinks she's a new teacher. The township of Timber Ridge thinks she's merely fulfilling a fancy.

Why exactly DID a daughter of high society travel the dusty miles to the rugged terrain of Timber Ridge? Will her photography net her the coveted post with the newspaper she longs to write for, or will it end up costing Elizabeth her life?

When one of her photographs captures a murder, can tracker and former Confederate sharpshooter Daniel Ranslett do enough to protect her? Would he even want to? And can Daniel do enough to protect Josiah Birch, the man in Elizabeth's employ?

Filled with vivid images and a unique storyline, Tamera Alexander's new series is off to a winning start. I personally fell in love with Josiah, and was in tears during much of his story. Oh, to have such a wise friend in my life!

Fans of historical fiction, I recommend this author to you with full confidence you'll enjoy her work. I'm giving "From A Distance" four out of five bookmarks, with a tiny old-fashioned camera as a charm.

Happy Reading!


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