Wednesday, May 14, 2008

House of Dark Shadows by Robert Liparulo


I have to tell's a GREAT time to be a reader:-) The fiction coming out today is head and shoulders top notch quality, with no "ick" factor and across every genre imaginable.

While Robert Liparulo doesn't always have a strong spiritual message in his novels, it's always a wild thrill ride to read one of his books. (I'm noticing a trend in a lot of fiction being published by well known Christian publishers that don't have a strong spiritual message. That's creating quite a debate...I for one think it can be a very good thing, but more on that later.)

Back to the And may I say! This is most definitely not for the "Big Honkin' Chicken Club", whether an adult member or one of the younger persuasion. I'm an adult, and I had to quit reading last night and finish the daytime!!

"House of Dark Shadows" is the first in Robert Liparulo's "Dreamhouse Kings" young adult series, but really, it's for any fan of Mr. Liparulo's. With a cross between Stephen King quality eerie-ness and a Narnian fantasy twist of a sort, this is going to take off like a wildfire in a wind storm!

Fifteen year old Xander is NOT happy about his family move from the big city of Pasadena to the tiny, nearly hick town of Pinedale. What was his father THINKING switching jobs like this and messing up his social life, not to mention his career as a budding young film maker??

With brother David and sister Toria, they work together to make the best of a very bad situation...that rapidly becomes much worse. When Xander's father chooses the family's new home, strange things begin happening.

Xander begins to wonder if small town life has sucked out his brain...until David begins to notice the strange sounds, the odd doors, and the footprints...oh, the footprints!

What the two boys discover on their exploration of their new home is a hidden tunnel, filled with doorways...but to where? And to what? Has their new home driven them all mad? Or is the house itself madness? If they go through the door...will they ever get back?

And will they be alive when they do?? A family tragedy closes this story, but never fear! Mr. Liparulo took pity on us and the second volume is also available:-) Gotta love an author who understands his audience and their need for more!

I'm giving "House of Dark Shadows" five out of five bookmarks, with a flashlight and a set of keys as a charm. You'll need both if you're going to survive...I mean, finish this series! Now, I'm off to scare...I mean, LOAN my book to my kids!

Happy Reading!



Kim said...

Well, I guess these books do exist! I sure wish my copy would arrive! I can't WAIT to rad this one!!


Anonymous said...

Hmm . . . you've got me interested now. I've never heard of this series, I'll look into it more. Sounds like a great read.

Edgy Inspirational Author said...

LOL! I felt the same way. Scary stuff! But addicting and hard to put down until it got dark outside. :)