Thursday, May 29, 2008

Deeper Water by Robert Whitlow


Ever have those favorite authors that still have a tendency to surprise you now and then?? Well, Robert Whitlow falls into that category, and he had me going up to the very last page of his latest legal thriller!

"Deeper Water" begins a series of novels in the "Tides of Truth", a series I'm absolutely thrilled with! Tammy Taylor is a law student raised in the strictest spiritual environment. A homeschool prodigy, she is well on her way to an excellent legal career.

When a letter comes unexpectedly from a law firm in Savannah, Georgia, inviting her to clerk for a summer, Tami (name change is deliberate, with spiritual overtones), takes the matter immediately to prayer and to her parents. What a testimony that I fear many won't get, but should:-)

With her strict upbringing and deep faith and passion for God undergirding her, Tami is off to see what Savannah holds for her. Her faith is tested, as well as her legal skills. But what nearly knocks her off the radar is a seemingly unassuming case involving a homeless black man and charges of trespassing.

However, nothing is EVER as it seems in a Robert Whitlow novel:-)

As Tami digs deeper (wades into deeper water, if you will), she uncovers a myriad of conspiracies and illegal acts to cover up a much more hideous crime.

Or does she?

Do Tami's convictions lead her astray? Or do they lead her to the truth? And who can she trust in this law firm she works for?

This is more than a journey through the legal system. This is a journey of faith and conviction unlike any I've read before, and it shines brightly in the darkness of compromise and casual faith. I wasn't quite sure where Mr. Whitlow was headed with this one...

...but I most definitely love where he ends it up! Watching a believer live out such a passionate faith with such convictions was SO refreshing, and watching it WORK in the "real world" was so encouraging!

So you get a double portion when you pick up a copy of "Deeper Water" which I heartily encourage you to do! I'm giving "Deeper Water" the over the top six out of five bookmarks, with a tiny chiahuahua as a charm:-) You'll see why, and you just might 'flip' over it!

Happy Reading!



Dawn said...

Excellent book!

Kim said...

Robert Whitlow gives new meaning to the word versatile! I've read several of his books, and this one sounds like a new bend in his road. I'll have to check it out. He's very talented!