Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wrecked by Ryan Dobson and Toben Heim

So many of God's children are battling feelings of unworthiness and uselessness due to choices they've made. More are questioning where God is in their lives and in the broken circumstances. And still more are serving Him with all they're worth, and then finding themselves suffering in ways they didn't imagine possible.

What's the answer to all of this?

You'll find it in "Wrecked", a new book by Ryan Dobson (yes, he's THAT Dobson's son!) and Toben Heim, two of the most honest Christian men I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

With deep candor and soul bearing writing, Ryan and Toben have written a book that talks about how our lives can be wrecked through a variety of reasons, and how God can still and will still redeem those wrecked lives and use them for His glory.

Both Ryan and Toben share personally throughout this book, and they use heroes from Scripture to illustrate the points they make. Basically, our lives get wrecked for three reasons: disobedience (i.e., sin), circumstances, and obedience (yup, you read that right!).

These two men take us through each type of "wreckedness" and give us a Biblical example of each, breaking it down and pointing out things you've known all along and maybe even a few things you overlooked.

The book opens with a chapter asking us all if we feel wrecked, and if we're honest, the majority of us would say "Yes". Then, the two go on to talk about how our culture has impacted us and basically helped wreck us with expectations, wants, consumerism, and moral relativity.

Then, they hit the church hard and in a much needed way about how we allow ourselves to hide our wreckedness (I know that's not a word, but isn't it cool!). We discourage transparency and realness in our walk with God, and we're further wrecking one another.

I'm tired of that. How about you? It starts with us, as Ryan and Toben point out. One person no longer playing the game and it catches on from there.

This is a critical book for this generation...for my generation even. We need to be honest with ourselves, each other, and with God. We need to call sin as it is, realize that this is NOT our best life (we have one waiting for us on the other side, people!), and that even obedience to God can wreck our lives...

...but better to be wrecked by obedience than by disobedience, huh?

Get this book. Share it with friends, family. I wish every young person in America would read this book. It could revolutionize the church and revival would most definitely break out if we could just begin by admitting we're wrecked.

Oh, what freedom! I'm giving "Wrecked" five out of five bookmarks (such LONG chapters, guys!), with a sailboat as a charm. Watch for the Lighthouse when you're navigating life's seas!

Happy Reading!


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