Monday, April 14, 2008

The Fruit of My Lipstick by Shelley Adina


Have I told you how much I'm LOVIN' this new teen lit series? Shelley Adina has taken popularity and prestige, put a unique twist to it and created Spenser Academy. And don't think because these kids are privileged that you can't relate!

In the second book in the series, "The Fruit of My Lipstick", Gillian Chang learns what it means to be true to herself. With her great girlfriend support system, she finds the courage to be who God designed her to be...


When Lucas Hayes, brainiac extraordinaire, looks her way, Gillian is excited and thrilled. A boyfriend...finally! Every girl's dream, right? But is it a dream come true, or her worst nightmare?

Throw into the mix the fact that someone is stealing exams from the school's computer and selling them, complete with answers, and the stress level ratchets up another notch. If the girls can't find the culprit, the entire junior class will flunk.

But is it Gillian? With her integrity and her personality in crisis, she's going to need every friend she's got...that is, if she still HAS any friends when this is all said and done.

Once again, Shelley deals with some heavy issues, but these are issues we need to bring out into the open and to dialogue about them with our teen girls. No one needs to suffer in silence with anything any longer. It's time the Body of Christ opened arms and opened Scripture to bring true light and healing into broken and battered lives.

I simply cannot wait until the third book comes out--"Be Strong and Curvaceous". Something tells me that ones going to pack a PUNCH! Don't miss out on this fantastic new teen lit series--but note that it is for mature teens. Moms, read this series with your daughters and talk about these things with them.

You never know when they'll need this information for themselves...or for a friend. I'm giving "The Fruit of My Lipstick" five out of five bookmarks, with an iPhone as a charm...only because that's the only way I'll ever HAVE one myself!

Happy Reading!


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