Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Convenient Groom by Denise Hunter


Well, so much for plans of mice and men, huh? I'd planned to have oodles of books read by now...and I've read a total of...


But, oh, what a book it is! I'm a nut for all the authors at Girls Write Out, so it comes as no surprise that I wait, impatiently, for a new release from one of them.

"The Convenient Groom" is the second Nantucket novel by Denise Hunter, and it is her absolute best writing to date! I only wish I could have read this one straight through, but due to health stuff, I was forced to slow down.

As a result, I was able to savor every morsel. Sometimes, booky friends, we need to do this...slow down and savor. Trust me, it was SO worth it!

Kate Lawrence has made a national name for herself as Dr. Kate, relationship guru and debut author. Her book releases on the day of her much anticipated wedding to fiance Bryan, who's been kept under wraps to help build suspense.

Turns out, that wasn't such a bad idea when he calls a few hours before the big day begins to say, instead of "I do", that "I don't". The media will descend in mere hours! Where can Dr. Kate find a groom at this late hour, and should she even try? How can she save her career now?

Enter Lucas Wright, extraordinary carpenter and craftsman of all things wood, and her office space mate. He's willing to step in and be Kate's groom, to help save her career, to help her save face...

...and maybe to convince her to love him. Seems Luc has a secret...and it's a gorgeous one.

Now, none of this seems plausible on the surface. What were those two thinking? But how many spur of the moment decisions felt brilliant to you until you saw the end results, huh? I'm telling you, Denise makes this plot line sing, and it is a beautiful song.

I turned the last page and cried, "NOOOOOOOOO!! I want more!!!!!!!" And that is a VERY good thing! I adored this story, these characters, and Denise's talent shines in this follow up to "Surrender Bay" (it's not a sequel--but it is part of a series of romances called ROMANCE FOR GOOD--safe to read as a stand alone).

I'm giving "The Convenient Groom" six out of five bookmarks, with a spiral bound notebook as a charm (read the book and you'll get it!). Do NOT miss this inspiring, funny, heartwarming and engaging novel! You'll be so sorry if you do!!

Happy Reading!


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Nise' said...

Its hard, ever so hard to slow down and savor! I am looking forward to this book. I loved Surrender Bay. I read it while on the beach in Florida!