Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Perfect Life by Robin Lee Hatcher


Somehow, through the course of life, we think that if we do as God says and we read His Word, and we stay within His guidelines...our lives will be perfect.

Or at least, close to it.

But where do we find that in Scripture? I can almost hear God saying, "I never promised you a rose garden in this life...but just wait until you see the next!" Now, if you really want to see what I mean, click here.

Robin Lee Hatcher's latest novel, "The Perfect Life" deals with this idea of doing it all right and life going well, and does it masterfully.

Katherine Clarkson had it all...the handsome, dedicated husband, two beautiful daughters with families of their own on the way, a beautiful home, a well respected non-profit is, well, perfect.

But allegations of financial impropriety and infidelity hit her husband through the media, and her world tilts. Could Brad have mismanaged the non-profit funds? Would he cheat on her?

One daughter, Emma, is strongly in her father's corner, and angry with Katherine for doubting her husband, Emma's father. But Hayley believes that the allegations against her father are true, and she's encouraging her mom to make her own life.

Katherine is confused. She has ministered to women in the same situation she finds herself in now, and now those words and phrases seem somewhat hollow. Her Bible holds God's truth, but she can't hear him.

Will her family survive this? Did Brad do these terrible things? Will her daughters survive this, and how will it affect their burgeoning families? Can Katherine trust anyone anymore, God included?

With characters that come to life and at times, frustrate the daylights out of me (but then I would see myself in one of them, and I would realize how much God wants me to look to Him and trust Him), Robin has written a novel worthy of the "Women of Faith Fiction" seal.

You cannot turn the final page and not feel yourself change. This is life-changing lit, and it is GOOD. I'm giving "The Perfect Life" six out of five bookmarks, with a mended heart as a charm, because we all get our hearts broken, but only God can mend them.

Happy Reading!


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Robin Lee Hatcher said...

Dear Deena:

I came upon your review of The Perfect Life this morning, and I am truly humbled by your response to it. I hope others will find as much to like about the book as you did.

Robin Lee Hatcher