Friday, March 28, 2008

Lord, Change Me: Ruby Slippers by Jonalyn Grace Fincher


So many books have been written regarding what it means to be fully feminine. Most of them leave me either feeling guilty or unworthy, because I am NOT your typical female. But I'm trying....


"Ruby Slippers" has to be the BEST book on femininity I have EVER read! Just by reading her book, I can tell that Jonalyn and would be VERY good friends:-) Her book discusses what it means to be feminine from the Biblical standpoint, and shows us how our soul can bring us back to where we were meant to be.

Word of warning: Jonalyn goes DEEP (which is to be expected, considering she holds a master's degree!). She joins the league of Beth Moore and Kay Arthur in her Biblical analysis. I'm a girl who loves knowing original Greek and Hebrew word meanings, and we get at LOT of that in this book! Yay for word studies!

Jonalyn goes beyond the traditional female role and looks deeper into our purpose for creation, our soul identity, and the characteristics that define the female believer.

In doing this, she opens the field wide for women of all ages and stages of life, and elevates all of us who are feminine to our rightful place in God's scheme of things. Not over men, not under them either: but the perfect complement and blood bought in our own right.

With gorgeous word pictures, Jonalyn sets us free to be female in God's sight and to relish being women. I loved it when she said we needed to splash around in a big puddle of vulnerability...and she made it sound like SUCH FUN AND FREEDOM!

I also loved her word picture of emotions in our inbox...that alone gave me such clarity. I've been told all my life I'm too emotional for any good...and that is just. not. true.

I've never been the pantyhose, skirt and frills kind of woman. I'm a pastor's wife, but you can't peg me in...I'm unique. And I've always known deep down that it was okay, but now I know it up front as well.

We are all women, and those who believe are women in the Body of Christ with worth, value, and something unique and special to offer. Jesus valued women highly in his ministry, and God used them for mighty works in the Scripture. He's not done using us today, and we need to seek Him for what He has gifted us for and called us to do.

I encourage you to pick up a copy of "Ruby Slippers". Before you open the first page, empty your cup of expectations and suppositions and let Jonalyn fill you with Scripture after Scripture that identifies you with Christ and sets you free to be fully feminine!

I'm giving "Ruby Slippers" five out of five bookmarks, with a Crayola marker in a lovely shade of pink...which will make PERFECT sense if you read the book! To learn more about Jonalyn (and see how adorable she is) and the ministry she and her husband Dale have (called Soulation), visit her website here.

Happy Reading!


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