Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CSFFB Tour with Andrew Peterson: Day Two


My review (Originally posted on 3/3/08):

Andrew Peterson is already a master lyricist, with his album "The Far Country" as proof. His CD is one that I keep in my stereo often, and I adore it.

So when I found out he was writing a novel, I was on board faster than you could say "toothy cow"! And what a wonderful and imaginative world Andrew Peterson has created!

This is the story of the Igiby children: Janner, Tink and Leeli, along with their mother, Nia and grandfather, Podo. They dwell in Glipwood, on the cliffs of the Dark Sea of Darkness.

Their land has been conquered by the lizard like beings known as the Fangs of Dang (I know...hilarious!), and all live in fear of the dreaded Fangs. As Janner and his siblings work to earn the opportunity to enjoy Dragon Day, the one day of celebration in all of Skree.

Their fun is quickly spoiled by Snarg, a Fang with an unnatural hatred for the Igiby children. Janner feels the heavy weight of responsibility that comes from being the oldest Igiby child, and having to care for his siblings gets to him.

Until Leeli goes missing...

With imaginative poems and delightful language (think Dr. Seuss, only better:-), and creatures that truly take genius to imagine and create, Andrew Peterson has created a magical world that is on par with The Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia, combining all of the fun and energy of the stories and creating an entire land of imagination.

My son and I both read "On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness" and enjoyed it thoroughly. I can't wait for more...but I'll have to! Till then, I'm giving "On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness six out of five bookmarks, with a sock as a charm (read the book--find out why), and voting it "Best Fantasy Fiction of 2008"!

This is a perfect read aloud book, and I encourage families to read this series together. And if you don't already own a copy, I also encourage you to run out and pick up a copy of "The Far Country", Andrew Peterson's CD (no, no relation!)

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Happy Reading!


P.S. Tomorrow, I'll introduce you to my son and his review!

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Unknown said...

My daughter also reviewed this book for me. She loved it!

Clear to Venus is my favorite Andrew Peterson CD.