Thursday, March 27, 2008

Carrot Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke


Question: If you kept stumbling over dead bodies when you went innocently looking, wouldn't you finally quit looking?

Answer: Now, what would be the FUN in that??

Thank goodness, Hannah Swenson keeps on looking and finding mysteries to solve, cookies to bake, and stories to tell! She's back in the 10th (can you BELIEVE IT?) installment by Joanne Fluke, and more delicious than ever!

A few novels back, Lisa Herman married Deputy Herb Beeseman, creating a HUGE extended family. The Herman-Beeseman family reunion is set to descend upon Lake Eden, Minnesota--minus one long lost family member. Uncle Gus took the money and ran years ago, and no one has any idea where to find him.

So when he suddenly appears the day of the reunion, decked out in fancy duds and driving a Jaguar, questions pop up faster than dandelions in your lawn! Where has he been this entire time? What happened to the money he "borrowed" from his family?

...and who would want him dead, an ice pick through his heart? Hannah stumbles upon another case, and this one is a triple sister adventure. It's fun having all three Swenson girls in town to solve this case.

Hannah's going to need all the brain cells she can get, with lack of sleep (what's up with Moishe) and all the demands on her time. The Cookie Lady is one popular baker, both with the citizens of Lake Eden, and with the readers of this wonderful series.

My only remaining question: will Hannah ever choose between Deputy Mike and Dentist Norman? And who should she choose?

Packed with new recipes that will make your mouth water (keep napkins handy to catch the drool), and full of the characters we've grown to love, "Carrot Cake Murder" is once again a five out of five bookmark winner, with a zester as a charm (you'll need one for some recipes!).

Don't miss a single page of Joanne Fluke's novels! Each one is fun, CLEAN, and filled with recipes that sound absolutely divine:-) For a complete list, check out Murder She Baked, Joanne's website.

Happy Reading!



Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I just recently finished the first one, "Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder" and as expected, I really liked it :) I've decided Christian chick-lit, Christian cozies and clean secular cozies are my preferred books to read. I went to check the second one of this series out of my library, only to realize they had just recently "misplaced" their copy. Sigh. Good thing there's a bookstore nearby, when I'm ready for another Hannah fix. I'm headed over to check out her website, thanks for the link Deena!

Happy Reading :)

Carole said...

I love cozy mysteries that are clean - after all, I grew up on Nancy Drew and Judy Bolton! Thank you for writing about Joanne Fluke's series.

Mark Baker said...

It's wonderful to see another fan who still enjoys this series. It's ultra light and fluffy, but that's all it's tried to be since book one.

ChristyJan said...

Hi Deena,

Oh! Hannah Swenson is my favorite sleuth. And, I've wondered too ~ how will she ever choose between Norman and Mike? I've read all of Joanne's books (except this latest one) and I LOVE her recipes! My family can always tell when I'm reading one of these books because I have to bake all of her cookie recipes!