Sunday, February 24, 2008

White Soul by Brandt Dodson


Let me get this out of the way quickly...I didn't enjoy "White Soul", the first story about Detective Ron Ortega nearly as much as I did the Colton Parker mysteries.

BUT...that's like saying I like See's milk chocolate more than See's's all chocolate, and it's all good!

Brandt Dodson has written a powerful tale of a detective who must go deep undercover in the Miami drug world. Question is, how deep is TOO deep? What makes a good cop go bad, and will his assignment prove to be too much for Detective Ortega?

Do you REALLY think I'm going to tell you? way! I will tell you THIS much...don't think you have Mr. Dodson all figured out, lest he throw you a curve ball and knock you off your foreshadowing!

Ron Ortega is an engaging character, but because he was so entrenched in the underbelly of Miami, I didn't get to know him for who he really was. Colton Parker, on the other hand, had family and friends around that helped to define him.

What defined Detective Ortega was cocaine, women, alcohol, and hits...and NOT of the baseball kind! But I must tell you, I was heavily intrigued by the life of an undercover cop. It is most definitely not an easy job, for the officer or for his family.

Temptations abound in this world, and no one is immune to them. The question is, what will we do when temptations come our way? Read "White Soul" and find out what kind of law enforcement officer Detective Ortega turns out to be.

I think you just might be shocked...or not...yeah, maybe you will...then again:-) I'm giving "White Soul" five out of five bookmarks, with a tiny notebook as a'll need it to keep all of the "kingpins" of Miami straight!!

Oh, and while this is a great read for a guy...I really dig this kind of gritty cop drama...I know, weird, huh?

Happy Reading!


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